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Those in the military or army will be well pleased to equip their soldiers with tactical chest rigs that will come in very good use while they are on duty. Here are a few suggestions on how to fully utilize these tactical assault vest.

Chest rig

What Do They Come With?

These tactical chest rigs come in different designs and style as well as color. This will depend on what is your task in the army or military. Are you an operator or in charge of handling the vehicle, ammunition or medical supplies? The chest rigs will be catered to your needs. Normally they come with many zippered pockets as the idea is for you to keep all your necessary tools and equipment with you for easy access when you are on duty. Some may come with additional straps for you to hook with other accessories which I will elaborate in a moment.

Fully Utilized

The tactical assault vest should allow you to use the front and back portion of the vest. Manufacturers normally design the rigs to have extra webbing for the purpose of hooking accessories, backpacks and pouches to them. They must be built strong and able to take on the weight of the different items that will be used on it. You could even add on retention pads to your rig which is an extra form of padding if you will be carrying quite a lot of stuff on it. These will make your shoulders feel more comfortable. You can fully utilize your chest rig by adding all the different accessories to it. They should all complement one another if they are made by the same manufacturer.


Items and accessories that you can add on to your tactical chest rigs are hydration packs that will allow you to stay hydrated when traveling. This is mostly hooked on to the back of the rig while others may choose to add on medical pouches on both sides of their chest rig. You never know when you need them in emergencies. Certain rigs even come with an extra admin pouch for you to store all your stationery for administration purchases. Don't forget that you could even hook an entire tactical backpack to your rig as well. That is how versatile a tactical assault vest can be.


There you have it. Pretty neat piece of equipment we have there right? It is no wonder that they are such a best seller as they are always in demand for their versatility, strength and usefulness.

Chest rig